Food traceability, a revolution to protect Made in Italy.


The mission of Gusto Sorrento is to contribute to spreading the culture of, and love for high quality Italian food around the world, preserving a strong connection among craftsmanship, innovation and technology. Gusto Sorrento is proud to promote the Mediterranean tradition of simple food.

Moved by this ideal, with maximum transparency, we have decided to launch a traceability system for our products that allows us to certify their origin, providing visibility to the entire supply chain that brings our products to your tables.

Let’s see what we are talking about.

Nonremovable time stamps and Blockchain.

The tracking of each product will be possible by including nonremovable time stamps that, combined with Blockchain technology, will allow each of you to be able to verify personally the sourcing of the materials in our products.

This system will allow anyone who wishes to do so to trace the producers of the raw materials that comprise our products, by tracking the origin of every single ingredient.

What exactly is Blockchain technology?

Blockchain Technology.

This technology is a real revolution for the global food industry and it comes from the necessity to meet the consumer’s growing need for detailed information on how the food that we buy is produced and on the food’s components.

Blockchain technology increases the security, speed and confidentiality of information throughout the supply chain and thanks to its intrinsic characteristics, such as decentralization, transparency, security, distributed consent and integrity, it allows for track and trace features, connecting all of the parties involved in food distribution and production.

Protection of Made in Italy.

Food traceability represents an important tool that will ensure the protection of Made in Italy, thanks to transparency throughout the supply chain. It will guarantee quality and protection against fraud and counterfeit products.

Ready for the revolution.

At Gusto Sorrento we are ready for this revolution and we are on the move to let you get only the best, with maximum transparency, which has always characterized us. When things come from the bottom of the heart, the passion can be seen in every step, from the careful selection of raw materials and the processing according to tradition, to the packaging of the final product that you put on your table, providing you all the taste of things made from the heart.


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