Loving your homeland means protecting it.


Our Company was born in Sorrento, in one of the most beautiful and impressive cities in the world. Bathed by the Tyrrhenian Sea and facing the bay of Naples, Sorrento’s landscape and its high quality raw materials attract tourists from all over the world.

At Gusto Sorrento, we were born in a place rich of beauty and quality and we never forget how lucky we are. For this very reason we decided to start a company that provides high quality products preserving craftsmanship and the environment, while looking for innovation and new technologies.

Passion for the territory is connected to respect for the environment.

The passion we have for our homeland, led us in 2001 to start the amazing business known today as Gusto Sorrento. Every day we work to respect the environment and carry on a sustainable production.

This is possible thanks to the deployment of a 200kw photovoltaic system, which has been working since 2016.

Benefits for the environment from 2016 to 2020.

According to our evaluations, the environmental benefits produced from 2016 to 2020 were substantial. First and foremost, our photovoltaic system produced a large amount of energy, the equivalent required to run 9,000 computers for 1 year and one TV for 336,000 days. On top of that, we have also drastically reduced our CO2 emissions, producing the amount of CO2 that a car would generate in 376 years.

We have also calculated that by using renewable energy, we decreased our greenhouse gas emissions, preventing the release of nearly 3.5 million lb of Carbon Dioxide, 600 lb of Nitrogen Oxide and 400 lb of Sulphur Dioxide into the environment.

Our photovoltaic plant growth.

We are very proud of the above-mentioned accomplishments, however they are not enough for us. For this reason, we have recently added to our 200kw photovoltaic plant an additional 400kw to make our production more and more sustainable.

Projections for 2022.

With the expansion of our photovoltaic system, we believe that we will be able to further reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 2022, preventing the release of nearly 800,000 lbs of carbon dioxide, 100 lbs of nitrogen oxide and 100 lbs of sulphur dioxide into the environment.

The place where we live is precious, for this reason we are committed to preserving it by any possible means, respecting and loving the place where we come from.


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