The Sorrentina, an invention signed by Gusto Sorrento.


The Sorrentina was born from a dream and from the passion for the Italian taste. The Sorrentina proves that when things are made with love and competence, they end up as a great success.

From instinct, a unique product.

It all began with Antonino Esposito who was born in beautiful Sorrento, a land full of traditions and unique resources. Antonino grew up learning to recognise the quality of raw materials and the mastery of things created with passion and care. For this reason, he decided to follow the path of the master pizza makers, becoming one of them.

But tradition cannot last long if it is not combined with the modern. In fact, in 1997 Antonino had an intuition and he started the Sorrentina, a product that combines the authentic pizza-making tradition with modern day demands.

What is the Sorrentina?

The Sorrentina.

The Sorrentina is a pizza whose boat-like shape enables the creation of a fragrant treasure-chest with a melted and tasty filling. Prepared with Italian products, each Sorrentina is hand-shaped according to tradition, and baked in a stone oven.

The Sorrentina encouraged Antonino Esposito to start the amazing adventure of Gusto Sorrento in 2001, together with Roberto Savarese and Luigi Apreda, first friends and then partners.

The Sorrentina patent, a quality certification.

On the 24th of February 1997, in Naples, Antonino Esposito registered the patent for the Sorrentina. A singular and clever creation that revolutionised the way we eat pizza by creating a new and unique product, still very loyal to tradition.

Since then, many people have tried to emulate the Sorrentina, but only Gusto Sorrento is the father of the original recipe, contributing over the years to preserve its quality and authenticity.

Something new that preserves tradition.

The Sorrentina is a product that maintains the genuine flavour of its homeland and brings the authentic tradition of handmade pizza to everyone’s table.

This product spread the culture of, and the love for, high quality Italian food all over the world, keeping the strong connection between craftsmanship and tradition and combining them with innovation and technology to restore the Mediterranean culture of simple food.

Our Sorrentina, cooked for a few minutes in the oven at home, has a unique flavour and it wins over adults and children, offering all the Italian taste of sitting at the table.


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