About us

In 2001 in Sorrento Master Pizza Chef Antonino Esposito, together with his inseparable partners Roberto Savarese and Luigi Apreda, set up an Artisanal Laboratory for bakery products, whose success is immediately driven by the invention of the famous Sorrentina, a product combining the authentic Pizza tradition with modern consumers’ needs.

Sorrento Sapori e Tradizioni is born.

A bigger site with a large-scale production becomes soon necessary.

In 2002 Piana del Sele is chosen as new location and Eboli is the town to house the new headquarters.

A success out of a challenge, with a plant currently cranking out over 30 million pieces per year. The site is specialized in frozen pizza snacks manufacturing, it preserves the artisanal origins of the initial company and still avails itself of Master Pizza Chefs’ expertise.

The enhancement of the territory is among the Company’s primary objectives and takes shape in a delicious range of traditional desserts, which evoke the scent and the flavours of the Coast: here is Sorrento Sweets.

Rising to a new challenge LAMO’ is born.

IQF Buffalo Mozzarella whose preparation in the microwave – a patented method –  enables to enjoy throughout the world the real taste of daily fresh Buffalo Mozzarella, produced in PDO area.

Looking to the future and firmly rooted in traditions, in 2018 the Company renews its image through a new brand,  which tells a story whose main thread is products’ flavour and the expression of the territory.

Here comes “Gusto Sorrento”, a brand which sums up a long story and plots a course to new objectives