Our products

The enhancement of the territory is among the Company’s primary objectives and takes shape in a delicious range of traditional products. 

We produce branded and and private label products.

Pizza Snack

Our Snacks are made of naturally leavened pizza dough and are stone oven baked.

They’re hand-shaped, according to the old traditions, and filled with tasteful and carefully selected ingredients.

To reheat in oven, they are ready in few minutes.


Sorrento Sweets are prepared according to the traditional recipes of the most renowned Master Pastry Chefs of the Coast.

Delizia, queen of Sorrento patisserie; Ricotta cake, a speciality from Amalfi Coast, with Buffalo milk Ricotta cheese; Caprese cake, a tribute to the namesake Island. They meet all HO.RE.CA. needs, thanks to the whole and pre-cut cakes and the small individual portions.


Lamo’ is a Mozzarella produced with Buffalo milk from the PDO area which undergoes a patented industrial process. Through microwave technology, it is ready to be enjoyed as daily fresh in about 30 minutes. Website